Shipping the package

up to € 29 of order, shipping costs € 2.8, if the order exceeds € 29, shipping is free.

As a general rule, packages are sent within 72 business hours after receipt of payment and through a transport agency of our choice, usually by post. If you prefer certified or express delivery, an additional charge will apply. Contact us before requesting this option.

Shipping costs include handling and packaging costs, as well as postage. We cannot combine two different orders, and shipping costs will be applied for each one individually. We are not responsible for damage to your package after shipment, but we do our best to protect all fragile items.

The packages are the right size and your items will be well protected.


The products are created for each client and unless the product has significant manufacturing defects, unjustified returns are not accepted.

Damaged products

We are not responsible for any damage that your package may suffer after shipment, but we do everything possible to protect all fragile items, if you notice any damage to the package please complain to the delivery service.

Can I choose delivery time?

The delivery time depends on the transport company and the route that they set so, a priori, we cannot indicate a schedule. However, in the event that it does not suit you, you can contact them and arrange the delivery.